A polar pioneer's tale

Fredag 13. januar kl.13:00-13:45
Tromsø Centre
TromsøÅpne kart
Theatre walk in the centre of Tromsø. The town’s exciting past comes to life when the local Polar pioneer Wanny Woldstad, takes you through her Tromsø and her life; «In the 20’s the Arctic hunt was the Klondyke of the North. Just at that time I moved to Tromsø to build my future as a housewife. But then life made a different turn … » Welcome to a real taste of the Arctic! At the historical “Smørtorget” (Butter’s market) you can buy various fur products and choose between two menues: 1) «Polar pioneer On The Go »: Norwegian spice cake and hot beverage; tea/coffee/hot chocolate. To be ordered 2 hours before tour starts. 2) «Polar pioneer Full Arctic Taste»: Entry with smoked reindeer meat, a soup to really warm you with homemade bread, Dessert with Norwegian cinnamon cake and hot beverage; tea/coffee/hot chocolate. This menu has to be ordered 24 hours in advance. Included: Theater walk, food (choose between menu 1 or menu 2) Duration: 45 minutes