Graveyard Paradise

Artikkelen er over 16 år gammel

(tekst og melodi: Asa Krogtoft)

The pale white-collared gentlemen they're coming side by side
The holy court of justice, to at meeting in the night
They do not talk they do not smile they think and that's enough
They will not make their judgment till the moon rises off above
And of a thousand soldier boys
At last they've made their choice
Another victim soon arrives at Graveyard Paradise

And there's a smiling little girl whose dinner was a snail
It's hard for her to walk, she's got her brother in a pail
Her father's lying in the mud, her mother's been murdered too
Her bloody eyes can't even see and she don't know what to do
But the pale white-collared guys
Those desperate vampires
They're watching her with bloodshot eyes from Graveyard Paradise

Yes, everything is black and cold in Graveyard Paradise
And when somebody's talking there is it just to tell you lies
Those pale white-collared gentlemen, yes I saw them as they stood
Outside the Graveyard gates, they would be laughing if they could
And when somebody dies
When moons rise in the skies
They're watching you with bloodshot eyes from Graveyard Paradise